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Denas UKAS Accredited Asbestos Testing Lab




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Asbestos Testing Service

Denas Analytical are a UKAS Accredited Asbestos Testing laboratory based in North Lincolnshire, but serving the whole of the UK. We want you to be assured that Denas Analytical fully comply with the requirements of regulation 21 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


Regulation 21 'Standards for analysis'


(1) Every employer who analyses a sample of any material to determine whether it contains asbestos must ensure that criteria equivalent to those set out in the paragraphs of ISO 17025 which cover organisation, quality systems, control of records, personnel, accommodation and environmental conditions, test and
calibration methods, method validation, equipment, handling of test and calibration items, and reporting results are met.

(2) Every employer who requests a person to analyse a sample of any material taken to determine whether it contains asbestos must ensure that that person is accredited by an appropriate body as competent to perform work in compliance with ISO 17025.



Asbestos Testing Service

When submitting samples to Denas Analytical,  it is assumed that the samples will arrive by Royal Mail or a courier service. Whilst we don't know whether the materials contain asbestos until we analyse them, we must take every precaution necessary to prevent any risk of exposure or spread of potential asbestos fibres whilst in transit.

It is therefore paramount and without compromise that if you choose to submit samples to Denas Analytical for determination, they must be correctly packaged, labelled and be accompanied with a completed sample submission form (which can be down loaded by clicking on the sample submission form)


To comply with the Royal Mail for shipping these samples, they should be packaged and sent to us as follows


1. Take a 'Ziploc' type polythene bag and write on the panels (if panels are present) with the following information: 

​A.) Sample Number and Client Name

B.) Location and Product

C.) Site Address including Post Code

2. Place the sample into the bag and seal

3. Place the sample into a 2nd bag and seal

4. Down load and complete the Sample submission Form

4. Place the sample (S) into a jiffy type padded envelope, together with the completed sample submission form and send to:

Denas Analytical

The Lab,

First Floor

Unit B, Spenlea Industrial Estate,

Wharf Road,


Nth Lincolnshire

DN17 4JW

sample bag description
sample bag description

Please Note

Denas Analytical are only UKAS accredited for testing materials to check for Asbestos.

Any other services offered and undertaken by Denas analytical are outside the scope of our UKAS Accreditation. 

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